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On Display

The City Manager’s Office and the Public Art Program are happy to announce new aesthetic upgrades to the Downtown and California Avenue districts as part of ongoing Uplift Local initiatives.


Local artist Durba Sen created eight abstract paintings called Joyous Moments inspired by the California Avenue district. Her vibrant paintings are being reproduced as barrier covers to enliven this important commercial corridor.


Artist Krista Fay Beams has designed a series of eight banner designs that will be installed along the California Avenue corridor light poles. Her designs feature plants, emphasizing their growth patterns, and how those mirror the directional flow of foot traffic throughout Cal Ave on a bustling Sunday morning.


Palo Alto artist Lauren Jane Berger has designed pole banner designs and a barrier cover for the University Avenue area. Inspired by the many activities downtown, Lauren has incorporated imagery referencing our galleries, cafes, multicultural food options, live music, and even the parrots. Learn more about Palo Alto's Public Art here

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