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Palo Alto-based artist Lauren Berger was inspired by the interconnected nature of our community, which has become even more apparent during these strange and historic times. She imagined a downtown scene of essential workers, small business owners and everyday lockdown-goers going about their daily routines, which include counting on one another to survive and thrive -- and yes, these days, enjoying an ice cream cone counts as thriving!


Lauren Jane Berger is a multidisciplinary artist and independent graphic designer based in Palo Alto, California. She received her BA in Art from UCLA and is the founder of Lauren Jane Studio, where she utilizes a loose, colorful and sometimes abstract style to re-imagine reality with a sense of bohemian California feminist idealism. You can find her work at:


Instagram: @LaurenJaneStudio

'See You Soon'

                    By: Lauren Jane Berger, 2021

Lauren Berger-See You Soon-8x6ft-3000px-

About the Artwork

The Palo Alto Public Art Program, in conjunction with the City’s comprehensive Uplift Local initiative to support economic and emotional recovery across Palo Alto, commissioned Lauren Berger and seven other Bay Area artists to create site-specific temporary murals that explore themes of resiliency, empathy, healing, cultural diversity and vibrancy, while drawing inspiration from the surrounding site, environment, community, or cultural context. Explore all the murals and learn more about the artists with the help of an interactive tour map.

Background image title: 'See You Soon'

Created by: Lauren Jane Berger, 2021

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